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Leah Lillios
Leah Lillios grew up dancing and traveling the globe with her family as a baby. Born with a classical ballerina mother and Greek father, her winters were spent studying dance while the family vacationed during the summers at their second home in Athens with frequent trips to the Islands, Turkey, Egypt and Israel. Through her school years she performed with modern dance companies while continuing to explore the world spending semesters abroad in Spain, France and backpacking across all of Europe. Upon graduation she moved overseas studying, working and volunteering in Ireland, England, Greece, Peru and Russia picking up yoga along the way. After several years on the move, Leah settled in Nashville. It was then she returned to her movement-based roots and began to concentrate more on her yoga practice. With concentrations in Vinyasa, Restorative and Hot Yoga, Leah became a Certified Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher and Advanced Level II Instructor through Jimmy Barkan's Yoga College Of India in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She began teaching at local studios, day spas, and even volunteered her services to the American Cancer Society for several years until she founded her studio, Kali Yuga Yoga in May of 2007. In conjunction with her regular scheduled classes and privates, Leah continues to share the joys of yoga with the community through seminars at local businesses, lectures at nearby universities and clubs and through workshops at related spirit & wellness festivals. After spending these last few years seeding her roots in Tennessee, she is excited to get back out in the world and on the mat with you!