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Sarah Moles
In the summer of 1995, Sarah and Leah set off for an adventure in the American Southwest (picture Thelma and Louise sans convertible and handgun).  After a few weeks of fun and exploration, Sarah said goodbye to her cousin and continued the adventure on her own to places like Grand Teton, Glacier National Park, and Mount Rainier.  Inspired by her activities and the scenery, she decided to return West soon.  After college, she worked as a mountain guide in Washington in the summers and spent winters snowboard instructing in Utah.  She also guided an all-female trek to the base of Mount Everest in Nepal.  She is now a full time resident of the great state of Utah, where she still enjoys the best snow on earth as an AASI certified snowboard instructor.  She finds Utah the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, with excellent opportunities for mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, canyoneering, skiing, and hiking.  Personally she enjoys backcountry skiing in the winter and rock climbing in the summer.  She has ascended high altitude peaks like Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft.) in Africa and Chopicalqui (20,998 ft.) in Peru as well as trekked extensively in the Himalaya. Sarah is a wilderness first responder.  She enjoys living at the foot of Mount Olympus in Salt Lake City with her husband and her favorite running partner, her dog, Beeler.  She looks forward to creating more memories and sharing new adventures with you during the upcoming RASA retreats.